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About the GREEN Alliance

GlobeNevada ENERGY STAR® Partners-GREEN Alliance, a 501 c 3 charitable nonprofit organization, is dedicated to thriving, sustainable communities. With first steps focused in home energy efficiency, through collaborative education and community awareness initiatives we create a commitment to conservation, resource preservation and healthy, sustainable living in Nevada.

Our nation’s homes use more than 20 percent of energy produced and account for about as much greenhouse gas emission. The United States consumes more energy than any other country in the world. Changing our homes is the first step in a brighter energy future.

Each year, NVESP-GREEN Alliance produces an award-winning annual awareness campaign. The nonprofit group also organizes informative meetings, mixers, seminars and special events  to encourage and provide community awareness, education and connectivity.

The GREEN Alliance has linked individual, community and national forces in aligning a passion and purpose for the preservation and integrity of our communities, state and nation. As a result of these collaborative initiatives, a consciousness for energy efficiency, sustainability, and even ‘ thriveability ’ is spreading. NVESP-GREEN Alliance has continued to be recognized locally as well as by the U.S. EPA for enduring leadership. From 2003 to 2009 the organization was awarded the National Sustained Excellence Award. The U.S.  EPA  honored the organization with their 2011 Leadership in Housing Award for Energy Star.

In 2011/2012, NVESP-GREEN Alliance teamed up with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Retrofit Alliance Team (BARA), in a community outreach initiative to educate and support both the contracting industry, as well as homeowners, about the new methods and benefits of home energy efficiency upgrades. To accomplish this, two dilapidated foreclosure homes from the City of Las Vegas’ Neighborhood Stabilization Program were selected for renovations and remodeling with 30% and 50% energy use reduction goals. The fully renovated homes are open to the public for educational tours to demonstrate upgrade options, as well as provide homeowners with a more simplified, quality assured experience and inform them about the process; from selecting a contractor, customizing a plan, and qualifying for the incentives that make the commitment to upgrade very affordable.

The home remodel projects, during renovations, were also utilized to provide necessary training to help ready the industry for new demands in the market. NVESP-GREEN Alliance organized hands-on training programs led by nationally recognized industry leaders and identified funding affording local contractors the opportunity to learn about the science and application of home energy efficiency upgrades and gain first-hand experience with sophisticated yet practical new techniques.

The energy efficiency remodel demonstration homes were completed in February and are available for tours through January 2012.

"More than ever, it's easy for consumers to be confused about the myriad of green programs and products, associated claims, and ever-changing technologies. Programs like The GREEN Alliance provide important forums to hear industry experts and diverse perspectives so consumers can make informed decisions."

Sam Rashkin

National Director, ENERGY STAR for Homes


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