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As the Nevada ENERGY STAR Partners, commonly known as the GREEN Alliance, we know the successful formula for market transformation is to educate energy efficient industry & consumers simultaneously. Further, the magic is to educate the connectors of the supply & demand in order to create momentum within the market. Our success in the ENERGY STAR for New home industry is an example of a well executed campaign and has inspired us to transfer the knowledge gained into a comprehensive approach to a broad market wide education campaign.


As an extension of the GREEN Alliance's annual High Performance Home & Building Summit and Conference, the GREEN Alliance offers a year round education series campaign - the High Performance Home & Building Education Series. This series is fulfilling the need for further education of the home performance industry, both new & existing, in all sectors of residential real estate including home builders, contractors, real estate professionals including REALTORS, lenders and appraisers.

We aim to pull the pieces of the energy efficient puzzle together by championing this campaign. In addition, we continue our community outreach which educates our Nevadans about the value of energy efficiency and home performance. We introduce renewable energy education in concert with energy efficiency education with the philosophy of reducing energy before producing energy.

The campaign utilizes our past decade of experience by partnering with key private and public likeminded organizations, utilities and municipalities by joining forces for a stronger impact and successful campaign. In addition, we leverage private and public funding for a greater campaign in size as well as representation of community leaders in energy efficiency. By collaborating we are able to drive an effective campaign including various platforms and channels produced by the GREEN Alliance and partners.

The education and training sessions includes education in home performance in real estate transactions, lending transactions, appraisal transactions, contractor hands-on and in house training, new home builder training & support. The formats will offer continuing education credits for various licensing and certifications.

The GREEN Alliance attains the appropriate partners, builds the strategic plan for the entirety of the campaign, procuring the instructors, scheduling the sessions, market, and administer the campaign. In addition, the GREEN Alliance organizes, plans & produces major education events such as the Annual HPHB Summit & Conference.

We look forward to working as a collaborative industry and working together to bring EXCELLENCE in education.

~A message from the GREEN Alliance Board of Directors