The Second Annual High Performance Home and Building Summit is pulling the Energy Puzzle together by providing critical education segments and an opportunity to see how the puzzle pieces work together. This summit will benefit Energy Program Directors, Contractors, Builders, REALTORS®, Lenders, Utilities, Energy Raters, Building Inspectors, Municipalities & Educators - all of who are working and learning together.

Day One: Summit provides a powerful day featuring renown Leaders & Speakers who will speak from the core of "WHY" addressing the energy performance in buildings, residential and commercial, is important from a National, State and Community level. Gain the various perspectives from the multiple sectors in real estate, from building, retrofitting and selling homes of today and the future. We know each group has an intricate role in moving forward and it is our goal to grow as one.

Day Two: Conference Break Out Sessions will break into eight education tracks specific to the various areas of focus. We will provide multiple opportunities for you to learn from the leaders in your area of expertise. As well as, learn from crossing over into a supporting segment. Some of the topics included:

  • New Homes - ENERGY STAR Version 3.0 & Preview of 2012 IECC Codes
  • Energy Efficient Remodeling with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
  • Value of BPI Certifications in Contracting
  • Successful Business Models and How to Profit in Business
  • Selling, Marketing, and Financing in Home Performance
  • NEW GREEN Designation Realtor Course with Terry Watson
  • Methodology in Valuing a High Performance Home for Appraisers
  • Learn from Successful Case Studies
  • Small Commercial Benchmarking and LEED Best Practices
  • Incentives, Utility Rebates, and Government Programs
    Just to mention a few...

Day Three: Let's see for ourselves! Join us for tours to off-site locations illustrating cutting edge high performance homes (new & remodeled) and small commercial. Each stop along the way will offer educational experiences for ALL.

Be sure to register TODAY and further your knowledge as we enter the fast and furious frontier of high performance homes and buildings.

For More Information:
Visit: thinkenergystar.com/summit/
Contact: Annette Bubak, 702.2428 or aabubak@aol.com